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All Seminars start at 4:00 pm. Refreshments served at 3:45 pm.
All seminars held at 1103 Biosciences Bldg (BRB 413) unless specified otherwise.

September 12

Dr. Rudolf Podgornik, National Inst. & Human Development at NIH. "The Physics of DNA"  

September 19


September 26

Professor Jooyoung Lee, Korea institute for Advanced Studies. "Protein Structure Prediction and Global Optimization"

October 3

Professor Alenka Luzar, Department of Chemistry, Virginia Commonwealth University . “Dynamic Aspects of Non-covalent Interactions”

October 10

Professor Helim Aranda-Espinoza, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. "Spreading and Motility of Leukocytes"

October 17

Professor Michael Sheetz, Department of Biological Sciences, Columbia   University . "Understanding Complex, Robust Functions in Mammalian Cells"

October 24

Professor Michael Gilson, University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute. "Theory and Modeling of Molecular Recognition"

October 31


November 7

Professor Harmen Bussemaker, Department of Biological Sciences, Columbia University . “Condition-Specific Regulation of MRNA Stability in Yeast"

November 14

Professor Mark Goulian, Department of Physics, University of Pennsylvania . "Perturbing, Modeling, Imaging, and Evolving Cell Signaling Circuits in Bacteria"

November 21

Fall 2005 Biophysics Colloqium - 9:00a.m.-4:30p.m. Location: Biomolecular Science Building . Professors George Lorimer (UMCP), George Stan (NIH/UMCP), Martin Karplus (Harvard Univ.), Amnon Horovitz (Weizmann Inst. of Science), Mark Fisher (Univ. of Kansas), and Dev Thirumalai (UMCP). "The GroE Chaeronin Machine"

November 28

Dr. Margaret Cheung, University of Maryland . “Life in a Crowd: Macromolecular Crowding and Confinement Effects on Protein Interactions in Living Systems”

December 5

Professor Anatoly Kolomeisky, Department of Chemistry, Rice University . "Coupling of Two Motor Proteins: A New Motor Can Move Faster"

December 12

Professor John Nagle, Professor of Physics and Biological Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University . "Structure of Biomembranes: Challenges for Experiment and Theory"