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All Seminars start at 4:00 pm. Refreshments served at 3:45 pm.
All seminars held at 1103 Biosciences Bldg (BRB 413) unless specified otherwise.

September 13  
September 20 Dirk Gillespie, Rush Medical College, " Ion charge versus ion size in biological calcium channels:  How the close-range electrostatics of crowded ions makes the protein structure almost irrelevant" (S.Sukharev)
September 27  
October 4 Arthur La Porta, University of Maryland, "A New Method for Measuring the Energy Landscape for Unfolding Transitions of Biopolymers"
October 11 Ilya Nemenman, Emory University, "Adiabatic dynamics in nonlinear stochastic systems: From molecules to evolution" (W. Losert)
October 18 Afternoon Symposium with Jonathon Howard (Dresden) and others [SEE SPECIAL EVENTS] (Michael E. Fisher)
October 25 Maumita Mandal, Carnegie Mellon University, "Single-molecule studies to unravel ligand-induced riboswitch structure folding". (J. Seog)
November 1  
November 8 Arpita Upadhyaya, University of Maryland, "Spreading itself thin: actin dynamics at cellular contacts".
November 15 Andrew L. Lee, University of North Carolina, “Side-Chain Dynamics in PDZ Domain Structure and Function”. (D. Beckett)

THURSDAY November 18

SPECIAL SEMINAR - Mikael Oliveberg, Dept. of Biochemistry & Biophysics, Stockholm University, "Folding induced ion transfer in the ALS-associated protein superoxide dismutase 1". (D. Thirumalai)
November 29

Eva-Maria Schoetz, Princeton University, "From tissue mechanics to population dynamics in flatworms" (W. Losert)

December 6 Vitali Tugarinov, University of Maryland, "Advanced Isotope Labeling Techniques for NMR Studies of Protein Structure and Dynamics"
December 13