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All Seminars start at 4:00 pm. Refreshments served at 3:45 pm.
All seminars held at 1103 Biosciences Bldg (BRB 413) unless specified otherwise.

January 31 Prof. Pan Li, University of California Berkeley
"Unraveling RNA Structures with Force"
February 7 Dr. Omar Saleh, Laboratoire de Physique Statistique of the Ecole Normale Superieure
"Single-molecule Measurements of the Motor Protein FtsK."
February 10
Dr. Jennifer Ogilvie, Ecole Polytechnique
"Snapshots of Proteins in Action. A Laser Spectroscopist's View of Protein Function"
February 14 Dr. Ivan Rasnick, Department of Physics, University of Illinois
"Understanding the Mechanisms of Molecular Motors: Single Molecule Fluorescence Resonant Energy Transfer Experiments"
February 21 Dr. Raghuveer Parthasarathy, University of California Berkeley
"Pattern Formation in Biologically-Inspired Membrane Systems"
February 28 Dr. Arthur LaPorta, Stanford University
"Rotating and Applying Torque to Biological Molecules with Optical Tweezers"
March 21 Prof. Jeff Skolnick, Director Center for Excellence in Bioinformatics, SUNY Buffalo
"Prediction of Protein Structure, Function and Druggability of Proteomes"
March 28 Prof. Barry Honig, Columbia University
"Predicting Protein Structure and Function"
April 4 Prof. Bob Austin, Department of Physics, Princeton University
"Biopolymers in Tight Places"
April 25 Prof. Ivet Bahar, Department of Computational Biology, University of Pittsburgh
"Understanding the Machinery of Biomolecular
Assemblies Using Elastic Network Models"